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The internal Auditor training module is ideal for any organization looking for assisstance with compliance with ISO 9001 section 6.2 and 8.2.2 or FDA's Quality Systems Regulation (QSR) 21 CFR Part 820.22 and 820.25. The module is also applicable to any company interested in evaluating supplier performance/compliance through supplier audits.

Audits are performed to determine whether activities/practices and related results comply with requirements, wether the requirements themselves are adequate, and/or whether a system is effective. Audits are a critical and necessary input to management review.

An organization should establish an audit program to assess the strenghts and weaknesses of their and/or their supplier's quality management system. The audit process should include the planning, implementation, and reporting activities associated with the conducting audit. The Internal Auditor Training module is designed to provide participants with a knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts associated with conducting effective audits. The module presents the information in simple, easy to understand language. Auditing terminology, audit applications, reasons for auditing, audit objectives, attributes essential to an auditor, auditing questioning techniques, audit preparation and planning, understanding and documenting audit nonconformances and reporting are present. Additionally, the module highlights where mock exercises are suggested to assist participants with comprehension of the material. Sample audit report forms are included as part of the presentation.

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